Terms & Conditions

T2S means Terminal2 Solutions Limited

DP means Data Preparation

In order to appropriately control access to our systems and the data within them, we will provide you with an account which you can use to access the T2S systems. Before we can create your account you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your IVAO VID (optional), certain functionality may be limited if this data is not provided.
  • The FIR team(s) which you are requesting to be a member of.
  • Your email address. Please note that it must be a personal private email address which will always be yours; temporary email addresses, such as might be assigned to you for the duration of your appointment as a staff-member of another organisation are not suitable, as they may stop working at the end of your appointment and could be reassigned to another person.

By applying for an account with T2S you are confirming that:

  • You are age 16 or older.
  • You have been invited to be a member of a DP.
  • You give consent for your email address to be made available to the lead DP member, and for your name to be visible to any DP member.
  • You will use the account solely for the purpose for which it is provided, that is to upload FIR definitions that you are working on in your role as a DP member.
  • You accept that the data will need to change over time, and as such it will be worked on by numerous people; T2S will not impose restrictions on which members of a DP can change data provided by other members of the same DP.
  • You will not edit or delete any data within an FIR that you are not a member of without the clear authorisation of the lead DP member of that other FIR.
  • You will not upload any data which is proprietary or which is subject to copyright by any organisation or individual; any data that you submit becomes part of the public domain.
  • You agree that you will not submit any data, nor make any other transmission through T2S products or services, that is likely to cause offence to other users or otherwise be in breach of any laws.
  • You agree that your account is for your own personal use only, and that neither your log-on credentials, nor access to the services obtained through your T2S account, will be shared with anyone else.
  • You will not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any T2S product or service.
  • You understand that any breach of the above conditions may result in your access to your T2S account being permanently removed.

Each FIR will have a “lead” member, with the additional terms as follows:

  • Lead members will be the primary point of contact between T2S and the DP team.
  • In the event of a technical issue with FIR DEF data, T2S will initially attempt to contact the lead member by email, failing this we will approach the remaining team members.
  • Email addresses of team members will be visible to the lead member within the DP portal, but not to other team members.
  • Lead members will approve the addition or removal of members of the FIR team, ensuring that the maximum team size of 10 members is not exceeded.
  • In the event that you are assigned as the lead DP member for one or more FIRs, you may request a transfer of that role to another member of the team for that FIR.

Upon receipt of your application for an account, T2S will:

  • Acknowledge your application by immediate email.
  • Upon authorisation, you will receive a password which must be used on subsequent attempts to log-on to the system.
  • Only use the supplied contact details for the purposes of T2S staff communicating with DP members regarding their T2S account. Please note that using the opt in Slack team messaging service requires us to provide your username and email address to Slack. We will not give, share, or sell your contact details with any other party.
  • Take reasonable care of the data supplied to us as part of FIR DEF activities. This will include maintaining a record of DP members contributions in the form of an SVN repository; team member details will remain part of that SVN record indefinitely, including if they choose to cease membership of the team.
  • Enable the lead DP member(s) to authorise you to join their FIR team(s).
  • Possibly provide you with access to other such services as we feel beneficial to the working of the DP.
  • Retain the right to remove any content deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or as required by law.
  • Upon identification of any breach of terms of this agreement, immediately place a block on your T2S account.
  • Retain the right to either deny your request for an account or to terminate your account at any time thereafter.
  • Upon request by email to dataprep@terminal2solutions.com, we will provide you by email (to your log-on email address) a copy of all information that we hold on you within our systems.
Last updated: 21 MAY 2018